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By Wen Spencer

ISBN-10: 0451460383

ISBN-13: 9780451460387

In a global the place men are hardly born, they have turn into a commodity-traded and offered like estate. Jerin Whistler has come of age for marriage and his good-looking positive aspects have come to the eye of the royal princesses. yet such attentions should be dangerous-especially as Jerin uncovers the darkish mysteries the royal relations is hiding.

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Fairly deep. ’’ Corelle asked. ’’ Eldest threw her a disgusted look. ‘‘It would have been stupid to leave them stranded with the princesses somewhere close behind them. Secondly, this confuses the trail. Think of the trail they would have left if they had hired a boat to go upriver to the stranded barge. Every ship captain they tried to hire, the crew of the ship they finally hired, any passengers already on the boat, any ship that passed while they were transferring the load, and Holy Mothers knows who else would have known what ship the guns are now on.

Then she remembered Corelle darting up to her oldest sister, earnestly pouring out some story. Eldest’s flash of anger could have been toward a lax sister making excuses—or at the news their brother had been compromised. Ren scanned the milling women and children for Corelle. The middle sister stood by the padlock’s gate, holding it open as riders were already trotting through. As if sensing Ren’s gaze, Corelle turned toward her as she rode up to the gate. Cool, calculating resentment filled the girl’s face.

Raven’s tap came at the door. ‘‘Enter,’’ she called, trying to control her grin and failing. ’’ Raven used the royal plural. The captain carried a steaming pail of water. ’’ Ren unrolled the nightshirt and carefully folded it, vowing to herself never to wash it. A farmers’ son, no matter how beautiful or talented, could never be prince consort. Last night, though, had been glorious, and stopping where they did made it all the more pure. Raven lifted one eyebrow in question and poured the water into the washbasin bowl.

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