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By Jo Baker

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Samuel Beckett is a tender author dwelling in Paris—intoxicated by means of new friendships with James Joyce and the opposite writers and artists making the colourful urban their artistic home—when conflict breaks out in 1939. He determines to stick and is speedily drawn into the maelstrom, becoming a member of the Resistance. With him we event the terrifying pleasure but obdurate vibrancy and camaraderie because the Parisians flee the Nazis and the Resistance is going underground; his friendships with the outstanding team of guys and girls who locate themselves stuck up within the profession; his quiet, dedicated love for Suzanne, the Frenchwoman who becomes his lifelong better half; and his risky paintings encoding severe messages in translations and slim escapes from the Gestapo. here's a amazing tale of survival and resolution, and a portrait of a uniquely impressive brain.

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