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By Christopher Corèdon, Ann Williams

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An curiosity within the heart a while usually brings the non-specialist reader up brief opposed to a observe or time period which isn't understood or in basic terms imperfectly understood. This dictionary is meant to place an finish to all that: it's been designed to be of genuine support to common readers and experts alike. The dictionary includes a few 3,400 phrases as headwords, starting from the felony and ecclesiastic to the extra prosaic phrases of everyday life. Latin was once the language of the church, legislations and executive, and plenty of Latin phrases illustrated listed below are usually present in smooth books of historical past of the interval; equally, the correct which means of outdated English and heart English phrases could elude today's reader: this dictionary endeavours to supply readability. as well as definition, etymologies of many phrases are given, within the trust that realizing the starting place and evolution of a note provides a greater knowing. There also are examples of medieval phrases and words nonetheless in use this day, another relief to clarifying that means.

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Bearward. The owner or keeper of a bear used for performing tricks or taking part in shows of bear-baiting. The bearward was itinerant, as were most entertainers, setting up at fairs and other occasions when people gathered with some money to spend. The Latin term was ursinarius. [< OE bera = a bear; L ursus = bear] Beaver. The movable lower part of a helmet. [< OFr. e. where spittle runs from the mouth] – Cf. Armet; Barbute Bedel. A messenger or *herald. [< OE bydel = an *apparitor, a herald] – Cf.

Her. The heraldic insignia or *bearings of a king, or *knight, or of a family granted such hereditary devices. To bear arms it was necessary to inherit or receive a grant from the king or a *herald, or proof was required of an ancestor’s use of the arms from ‘time immemorial’, which in common law began in 1189, but in the law of arms in 1066. – Cf. Arms, College of; Arms, King of Arms, College of. Her. A royal corporation founded by King Richard III in 1484. It comprises the Earl Marshal, three Kings of *Arms – Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy – and the following Heralds: Chester, Lancashire, York, Somerset, Richmond and Windsor.

That area between a plain or *curtain wall of a castle and its ditch or moat. Bernardines. A name given sometimes to the Cistercian order in recognition of St Bernard of Clairvaux, their most distinguished member. The name Bernadine Sisters was used of an order of *Franciscan sisters in Poland in the mid-15c. Beryl. Bluish-green, aquamarine, precious stones, much used in decoration of *reliquaries. Besant. See Bezant 1 Bestiary. The illustrated bestiary, depicting real and imagined creatures, is a 39 a dictionary of medieval terms and phrases distinctive medieval construct.

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