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A New History of Western Philosophy: Volume 2: Medieval by Anthony Kenny PDF

By Anthony Kenny

ISBN-10: 019875275X

ISBN-13: 9780198752752

Sir Anthony Kenny the following keeps his attention-grabbing account of the background of philosophy, concentrating on the thousand-year-long medieval interval. this is often the second one quantity of a four-book set during which Kenny will spread a magisterial new background of Western philosophy, the 1st significant single-author historical past of philosophy to seem in decades.

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DCD XXII. 5) To show that all these incredible things are in fact credible, Augustine appeals to divine omnipotence, as exhibited in a series of miracles that have been observed by himself or eyewitnesses among his friends. But he accepts that he has to answer diYculties raised by philosophical adversaries against the whole concept of a bodily resurrection. How can human bodies, made of heavy elements, exist in the ethereal sublimity of heaven? No more problem, says Augustine, than birds Xying in air or Wre breaking out on earth.

13 This is set out in detail in Ch. 5 below. 14 See vol. i, p. 246. 35 PHILOSOPHY AND FAITH of physics, and theology was a quite separate discipline that studied the attributes of God as rewarder and punisher. One could, however, use philosophical arguments to prove the existence of God as Wrst mover and necessary being. Al-Farabi was a member of the mystical sect of the SuWs and stressed that the task of humans was to seek enlightenment from God and return to him from whom we originally emanated.

G. g. ‘I will’ in a marriage ceremony), or an object willed (as in ‘Thy will be done’). 8 8 The great theological debate of the succeeding century concerned the worship of images or icons. It might have been expected that the iconoclastic controversy would have thrown up interesting contributions to semiotics, the philosophical theory of signs. But this hope appears, from a brief survey of the literature, to be vain. 28 PHILOSOPHY AND FAITH Philosophy in the Carolingian Empire Outside the Roman Empire the world was transformed beyond recognition.

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