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A Path to Coldness of Heart (Dread Empire 3) by Glen Cook PDF

By Glen Cook

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Justez he wuz goin’ out de door de wind slammed it on his coattail and he hollered: “Aw naw, Gabrill, turn me loose! ” —JAMES PRESLEY. O. TAYLOR. De Preacher An’ De Sheep’s Tails† Dere wuz uh man had uh pretty wife, an’ de preacher wuz hangin’ round her; but she wuzn’t tumblin’ fast. He studied how tuh make her, so he started tuh spreadin’ his flannel (his tongue) tuh make her think he had plenty power—so he up an’ tole her one time dat he could change de color uh her baby from black tuh white, cause he wuz uh man uh God.

They was all alike. They did de same work and everything. De man got tired uh fussin ’bout who gointer do this and who gointer do that. So he went up tuh God and ast him tuh give him power over de woman so dat he could rule her and stop all dat arguin’. He ast Him tuh give him a lil mo’ strength and he’d do de heavy work and let de woman jus’ take orders from him whut to do. He tole Him he wouldn’t mind doing de heavy [work] if he could jus’ boss de job. So de Lawd done all he ast Him and he went on back home—and right off he started tuh bossin’ de woman uh-round.

De nigger been workin’ hard ever since an’ de white man been settin’ down bossin’ ’im. —LARKINS WHITE. Why Negroes Have Nothing† After God thew makin’ de world an’ rested Hisself uh little He called all de different nations uh people (races) up tuh Him an’ ast ’em all whut dey wanted. De white man said he wanted tuh be pretty an’ tuh boss everything; de Jew said he wanted all de money an’ wealth; de Indian said he wanted tuh know all about rovin’ de woods an’ huntin’ an’ sich. De nigger didn’t even come up tuh ast fuh nothin’.

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