A Primer on the Geometry of Carbon Nanotubes and Their - download pdf or read online

By Sadegh Imani Yengejeh, Seyedeh Alieh Kazemi, Andreas Öchsner

ISBN-10: 3319149857

ISBN-13: 9783319149851

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This quantity offers a accomplished approach for categorizing carbon nanotubes and their differences by way of nano sheets, nanotubes, microscopic and atomic changes. furthermore, the fabric and geometric homes of those nano-configurations are addressed. finally, it introduces a couple of universal software program programs for geometry iteration and several other advertisement finite point programs.

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4) Another method to distinguish hetero-junctions can be according to the difference in carbon atoms per cross section. 1 Macroscopic Modifications 35 tube’s cross section [52]. 7, the difference between the number of carbon atoms of the thinner and the wider tube’s cross sections could be calculated. 1 represents the characteristics of some hetero-junction CNTs. Some types of CNTs are called metallic and some of these carbon nanostructures are semiconductors. 8, the metallic and semiconductor tubes are denoted by circled dots and simple dots, respectively.

These effective material and geometrical properties were obtained in the mentioned references based on a molecular mechanics approach where CNTs were regarded as a large molecule consisting of carbon atoms with atomic nuclei treated as material points. Their motions are regulated by a force field, which is generated by electron-nucleus interactions and nucleus-nucleus interactions, and usually expressed in the form of steric potential energy. This steric potential energy is in general the sum of contributions from bond stretch interaction, bond angle bending, dihedral angle torsion, improper (out of plane) torsion, and a non-bonded van der © The Author(s) 2015 S.

1 Doping This random imperfection corresponds to the case where a finite number of c­ arbon atoms were replaced by silicon, nitrogen, boron, etc. 21 for the silicon atom. 22. 23. Chapter 6 Degenerated Tubes Beside carbon nanotubes, there are some other configurations of nanostructures, such as nanocones, capped CNTs, fullerene molecules, etc. 1 Carbon Nanocone Structures These specific types of nanostructures were reported to possess a wide distribution of apex angles, which support a disclination model for cone-helix structures [64].

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