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By Georges Teyssot

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At the present time, areas now not signify a bourgeois haven; nor are they the websites of a classical concord among paintings and rest, inner most and public, the neighborhood and the worldwide. the home isn't really in basic terms a house yet a place for negotiations with a number of spheres -- the technological in addition to the actual and the mental. In A Topology of daily Constellations, Georges Teyssot considers the intrusion of the general public sphere into deepest house, and the blurring of notions of inside, privateness, and intimacy in our societies. He proposes that we reconsider layout by way of a brand new definition of the practices of daily life.

Teyssot considers the door, the window, the replicate, and the reveal as thresholds or interstitial areas that divide the area in : the skin and the interior. Thresholds, he indicates, paintings either as markers of limitations and as bridges to the outside. The stark selection among boundary and bridge creates a center house, an in-between that holds the potential of exchanges and encounters.

If the edge not separates public from inner most, and if we will not think about the home as a bastion of privateness, Teyssot asks, does the physique nonetheless inhabit the home -- or does the home, evolving right into a sequence of microdevices, inhabit the physique?

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The material is heterogeneous, concerning as it does aspects of the histories of taste, mentality, culture, technology, and “lifestyle,” A T opolog y of E ver y da y C onstellations 21 as well as more specific aspects related to the concerns of territory and the city, construction and architecture. 81 Parallel to that trend, Norbert Elias wrote his two-volume The Civilizing Process, first published in Switzerland in 1939, tracing the historical development of European Habitus, molded by social attitudes and polite imperatives in the postmedieval era, regulating the standards for violence, table manners, bodily functions, sex, and so forth, all components that would become part of the court etiquette.

Cuvier believed that for classification purposes each animal could be represented by an ideal “type” that would include all of the characteristics distinguishing it from other types, and would not change from generation to generation. He classified all animals into four main branches (embranchements) according to the construction of their nervous systems. Less important, or subordinate, systems of characteristics were used to create classificatory subdivisions within the four branches. 12 For Viollet-le-Duc, there was an initial formal principle in art, comparable to the one that the crystallographer René-Just Haüy had discovered in relation to minerals, and that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had imagined in relation to an original or archetypal plant (Ur­ pflanze).

Les Maisons-types (Paris: E. Leroux, 1894–1899), 2 vols. Private collection of the author. 41 his followers, at home in the French academic system, expected families to cooperate with the State in order to promote a kind of organic solidarity. One of Le Play’s followers was Henri de Tourville (1842–1903), a founder of the periodical La Science Sociale. 32 De Tourville instead created a broader nomenclature, which became an instrument of social dissection, a kind of sieve, which permitted him to sift all elements of a social type and to classify them according to their qualities.

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