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By Karl Popper

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This ebook comprises lectures - given in 1988 and 1989 respectively - which belong to Karl Popper's overdue paintings, such a lot of that is nonetheless unpublished. the 1st introduces a brand new view of causality, in line with Popper's interpretation of quantum concept, but freed of hassle. it's a new view of the universe - a view that simply merges with the common sense view that our will is unfastened. the second one lecture provides a glimpse of human wisdom because it evolves from animal wisdom. either lectures were extended through Popper for booklet.

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It took on specific and minute dimensions such that it could be schematized. Since our aim here is to focus on the methodology in East-West philosophy, the central problem lies in fleshing out any discord, as well as concord, between the fundamental nature in East-West philosophy and the fundamental diagram of the brain or cerebrum given to man as a unique natural gift. The future of comparative philosophy should be one that concentrates on how thinking is possible and how any development is possible, based on this fundamental diagram.

Through thousands of years the warring schools have been unable to demonstrate the truth of any one Page 7 of them . . Why is this so? All these views have one thing in common: they apprehend being as something which confronts me as an object, which stands apart from me as I think it. This basic phenomenon of our consciousness is to us so self-evident that we barely suspect the riddle it presents, because we do not inquire into it. The thing that we think, of which we speak, is always something other than ourselves, it is the object toward which we as subject are oriented.

Seems simple enough, but to the philosopher it is a most difficult one to answer. The matter is aggravated in Western philosophy, since no philosophical question can be treated in any universal sense. The reason for this is that philosophy itself is not a unified discipline but is seen from a variety of viewpoints. For example, some think of it as a form of materialism, some as involved in mere epistemology, and in the twentieth century, as movement in pragmatism, existentialism, and analytic philosophy.

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