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Absolute measurable house and absolute null house are very outdated topological notions, constructed from famous evidence of descriptive set thought, topology, Borel degree idea and research. This monograph systematically develops and returns to the topological and geometrical origins of those notions. Motivating the advance of the exposition are the motion of the gang of homeomorphisms of an area on Borel measures, the Oxtoby-Ulam theorem on Lebesgue-like measures at the unit dice, and the extensions of this theorem to many different topological areas. life of uncountable absolute null area, extension of the Purves theorem and up to date advances on homeomorphic Borel chance measures at the Cantor area, are one of several themes mentioned. A short dialogue of set-theoretic effects on absolute null house is given, and a four-part appendix aids the reader with topological measurement conception, Hausdorff degree and Hausdorff size, and geometric degree thought.

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43 yields the equivalence of the first three conditions since f is a Borel measurable map. 50. 58 gives condition (4) implies condition (5). Obviously, condition (5) implies condition (6). It remains to prove that condition (6) implies condition (2). Suppose that condition (2) fails. 49, condition (6) fails. This completes the proof. 3. Universally positive closure. Let M be a subset of a separable metrizable space X . Denote by V the collection of all open sets V such that V ∩ M is a universally null set in X .

That is, the following proposition results. Assume the continuum hypothesis. If X is an uncountable, separable completely metrizable space that contains no isolated points, then there exists an uncountable absolute null space contained in X . Observe that every uncountable absolute Borel space contains a topological copy of the Cantor space. Hence the continuum hypothesis implies the existence of an uncountable absolute null space contained in each uncountable completely metrizable space. We remind the reader that it was the novelty of the partition theorem that motivated this section on the continuum hypothesis.

Fβ <* fβ+1 <* . . <* gβ+1 <* gβ <* . . g1 <* g0 is such that P(F<β , gβ ) holds whenever β < α. We must find fα and gα such that fβ <* fα <* gα <* gβ whenever β < α and such that P(F<α , gα ) holds. This is very easy if α is not a limit ordinal. For the limit ordinal case, there are h and h such that fβ <* h <* h <* gβ whenever β < α. 32 provides a gα such that P(F<α , gα ) holds. Let fα be such that fβ < fα < gα whenever β < α. The α-th step of the transfinite construction is now completed.

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