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By A. K. Haghi, G. E. Zaikov

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This e-book provides the instruments of nanotechnology which can construct, snapshot, and manage nanostructures to construct fabrics and units. It bridges the distance among special technical guides which are past the grab of non-specialists and renowned technology books, that could be extra technological know-how fiction than truth. It offers a desirable, scientifically sound remedy, available to engineers and scientists open air the sphere or even to scholars on the undergraduate point. This e-book concludes with a glance at a few state-of-the-art functions and prophecies for the long run. It builds an effective historical past in characterisation and fabrication tools whereas integrating the physics, chemistry, and biology points. It specializes in functions and reading engineering facets of nanotube and nanofibre fabrics.

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11. Electrospinning In our recent work, the chitosan(CHT)/multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) composite nanofiber were fabricated by using electrospinning. In our experimental researches, different solvents including acetic acid 1-90%, formic acid, and TFA/DCM were tested for the electrospinning of 40 A. K. Haghi chitosan/carbon nanotube. No jet was seen upon applying the high voltage even above 25 kV by using of acetic acid 1-30% and formic acid as the solvent for chitosan/carbon nanotube. When the acetic acid 30-90% was used as the solvent, beads were deposited on the collector.

155] synthesized and characterized a highly conductive, porous, and biocompatible MWNT/CS biocomposite film by freeze-drying technique. This process was performed by freezing MWNT/CS dispersion into an aluminum mold and then drying. Such a composite permitted delivery of needed antibiotics with effect of increased antibiotic efficacy in a patent by Jennings et al. [156]. 10. Wet-spinning Gordon Wallace et al. [157] recently reported that chitosan is a good dispersing agent for SWNT. They also demonstrated several methods in preparing SWNT/CS macroscopic structure in the form of films, hydrogels and fibers [158].

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