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By Frank Fahy

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We take it with no consideration, yet with no it we perish and if we proceed to abuse it, it may well kill us in any case. This interesting textual content offers an figuring out and appreciation of the function that air performs in the environment and its significance on the subject of human existence and know-how. geared toward people who find themselves scientifically curious yet who've no professional education, it includes no mathematical equations and depends the qualitative descriptions and analogies to give an explanation for the extra technical elements of the textual content including basic domestic experiments to demonstrate various air-based phenomena. Liberally illustrated with a number of line drawings and images, it recommends extra studying in the event you are stimulated to profit extra. This ebook deals necessary historical past examining for either physics academics and scholars.

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Origin, Nature and Properties of Air 15 absence of light scattering and clouds complete darkness would fall as soon as the sun set below the horizon. On overcast days, the sun's light passes through suspensions of water droplets in the clouds that are considerably larger than the wavelengths of the all the colours of the visible spectrum, which are therefore all scattered to give the familiar grey appearance. Rayleigh scattering effect produces the blue of the sky. Yet the sunlight reflected by the Earth's surface, and seen by astronauts in orbit or in deeper space, does not appear blue, except for the water in the oceans.

4, which is commonly used by aircraft and boats; it is called a 'Pitot' tube, after the Italian/French aeronautical engineer who invented it. You can see it protruding from the wingtips of aircraft. The air is brought to a halt at the entrance of the central tube, which increases the local pressure and flows freely over the outer tube with no change of pressure. The difference of pressures is proportional to the square of the flow speed (or the vehicle speed relative to the fluid). 6 HOW DO VISCOSITY AND THE BOUNDARY LAYER AFFECT AIRFLOW?

However, at a rather small distance from the surface the air flow speed is virtually free of this surface 'stickiness'. The thin region of flow close to the surface over which the flow speed relative to the surface varies from zero (at the surface) to the free speed (unaffected by viscosity) is called the 'boundary layer'. Because the flow speed varies with distance from the surface the fluid is subject to a shearing action and viscosity acts so as to resist the relative motion of fluid and body, hence generating a drag force on the surface.

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