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By Jerry Bobrow Ph.D.

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In terms of pinpointing the belongings you really want to understand, no one does it larger than CliffsNotes. This speedy, potent instructional is helping you grasp middle algebraic strategies -- from monomials, inequalities, and analytic geometry to services and diversifications, roots and radicals, and notice difficulties -- and get the very best grade.

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Some Basic Language The two sections that follow will give you a “heads up” on some ways of writing the same operation and the common algebraic use of some letters. Understood multiplication When two or more letters or a number and letter(s) are written next to each other, they are understood to be multiplied. Thus, 8x means 8 times x (x8 is never written). Or ab means a times b. Or 18ab means 18 times a times b. Parentheses also represent multiplication. Thus, 3(4) means 3 times 4. A raised dot also means multiplication.

63636 . . 3636 . . Because 100n and n have the same fractional part, their difference is an integer. 36 99n = 36 You can solve this equation as follows. 54. 544444 . . 44444 . . 4444 . . Because 100n and 10n have the same fractional part, their difference is an integer. 4 90n = 49 28 CliffsQuickReview Algebra I You can solve this equation as follows. 54 = 49 50 Important equivalents that can save you time Memorizing the following can eliminate computations. 50 = 350% Percent A fraction whose denominator is 100 is called a percent.

Example 2: Multiply the following. (a) (x3)(x4) = x7 2 3 2 5 3 (b) (x y)(x y ) = x y (c) (6k5)(5k2) = 30k7 (multiply numbers) 2 4 3 6 4 (d) −4(m n)(−3m n ) = 12m n (e) (c2)(c3)(c4) = c9 (f ) (3a2b3c)(b2c2d) = 3a2b5c3d Note that in example (d) the product of –4 and –3 is +12, the product of m2 and m4 is m6, and the product of n and n3 is n4, because any monomial having no exponent indicated is assumed to have an exponent of l. Chapter 6: Monomials, Polynomials, and Factoring 57 When monomials are being raised to a power, the answer is obtained by multiplying the exponents of each part of the monomial by the power to which it is being raised.

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