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By John Rackham

ISBN-10: 0234772298

ISBN-13: 9780234772294

First released as an Ace paperback in 1968.

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He saw a faint pink start up under his scrutiny. "Of course I'm affected. " She started a denial but he put up a palm. "Maybe not in any deliberate sense, no. But you register on me just by being here. Just as I register on you. So I react. How I react is something else again, is up to me. But, because I am what I am, I'm aware of reacting. Most people pretend not to notice, or try to ignore, things they can't handle. Not me. " He frowned over the futility of language, caught at an analogy. "Look, a man who writes a cookbook, with all the specific details, is a scientist.

Look! See it. ""Maybe the old fool did fall in the water and drown," he muttered, and was angry enough to hope it was true. He came to a halt in front of a solid array of notebooks, labels stuck along their spines and inscribed in some kind of private symbology. He took one at random, more for something to keep his fingers busy rather than from any desire to find anything. That intention had long since faded. He riffled the pages idly, then turned to the flyleaf to check. There was a heading in angular script: Artifacts native to Hydro.

I can step off onto the waterworks and wait there for the ‘foil. " "No. It is not possible. We are no longer alongside the desalination plant. Look! " Following her arm he looked out and down. There was the pontoon, and the end of the ladder, and the rest was open sea. His stomach heaved. As he resisted its upset he turned to her, made a stiff grin. "I'm sorry, AnnSmith. I hope you won't get into trouble on my account. " The fear in her ebbed for just a moment, to give way to wonder. " It was one of those questions no man can ever answer properly, not even with all the time in the world, and he had none.

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Alien Sea by John Rackham

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