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The planet was already unraveling. He could see the devastation from the screens on the dropship that brought Raynor and his combat troops in. Miles of former farmland was now overrun with the creep, a pulsing living organism that covered the earth and sent tendrils deep into the rock beneath. Odd constructs dotted the landscape like twisted mushrooms, and scorpion-like creatures pulled down and consumed anything in their path. He could see packs of the skinned-dog zerglings, herded by the larger snake-beast hydralisks.

Mike thought of Rourke, dying with Mike’s press tags, and of Raynor’s people, locked up in orbit, and the refugees waiting for dropships that didn’t seem to be appearing. He nodded. ” Mengsk brought himself up short. ” Another half-concealed smile. “And I must tell you that this reputation is fully deserved. I am, by Confederate lights, a terrorist, an agent of chaos against the old order. ” Arcturus Mengsk turned somber. “Yes, and I carry their ghosts with me every day of my life. ” Mengsk paused for a moment, but Mike didn’t leap in, either to agree or disagree.

And if you see that Liberty jasper,” he said in a stony voice, “tell him I expect him to do something about this mess. ” “Loud and clear, man,” said Mike. ” Even so, Mike didn’t let himself relax until he was a good five klicks from the refugee encampment. When he left, Raynor’s men were being herded into the dropships. If Duke followed standard Confederate military procedure, they would be lifted to a prison hulk in high orbit. Mike consoled himself with the fact that at least in orbit they would have some protection from the Zerg and the Protoss.

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