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An Alternative History of Britain: The War of the Roses by Timothy Venning PDF

By Timothy Venning

ISBN-10: 1783468955

ISBN-13: 9781783468959

Timothy Venning's exploration of the choice paths that British background may possibly simply have taken strikes directly to the Wars of the Roses. What if Richard of York had now not given conflict in useless? How could a victory for Warwick the Kingmaker on the conflict of Barnet replaced the process the fight for energy? What if the Princes had escaped from the tower or the Stanleys had now not betrayed their king at Bosworth? those are only the various interesting questions posed through this booklet.

As constantly, whereas unavoidably speculative, Dr. Venning discusses the entire situations in the advantage of a deep figuring out of the key riding forces, tensions and traits that formed British heritage. In so doing, he is helping the reader to appreciate why issues panned out as they did, in addition to what could have been during this tumultuous interval.

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Sed dolor est species, copia pauperies. [Sound of mind, may you not hope to be burned by Cupidinous fires, since it is for me to be mad, for you to love. " Observe, if you please: whomever chaste Minerva favors, good things will not fail him and misfortunes will not destroy him. ]23 Ida is "sana" and knows how to love ("amare") without cupidinous burning, while Fulcoius risks becoming insanus; "femineae flammae" threaten men who must be "forte" to resist erotic desire and its false promises. This implied con- trast between weaker men and wise men of virtue is one that will recur with some regularity in later erotic verse and be metaphorically realized in the figure of Hercules.

Egregium vultum"77 describes the result of a situation in which homoerotic desire and heteroerotic desire coexist and collide. The poem begins with the compressed effictio ("sidereum visum... flammea labrorum... dentes candentes") of a girl who rejects the "puer insignis" who loves her and instead loves the speaker, an older man. " The result of this triangulated attraction and the speaker's personal "vesania" is a strange form of chastity: at one time the speaker would have responded to the girl's love; now his new "vice" (vitium) drives him to reject eros altogether.

In the twelfth century we will find, I think, increasing penetration of the secular court realm by clerics and a continuing interest on the part of educated men, cleric and noble, in Latin literary activity (including erotic lyrics). In northern France, in the years between about o107o and 1120, we observe an early version of the edu- cated, mixed courtly and clerical culture that provides the social matrix for the erotic lyric in the heart of the twelfth century. 22 A COSMOS OF DESIRE FULCOIUS AND GODFREY: TWO POETS IN THE COURT OF REIMS Two of the four northern French classicists under discussion here, Fulcoius of Beauvais and Godfrey of Reims, passed much of their careers in close associa- tion with Manasses I, archbishop of Reims from 1069 until Gregory VII removed him from office in 10o8o0.

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