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Within the area of six years early within the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire underwent such turmoil and trauma--the assassination of the younger ruler Osman II, the re-enthronement and next abdication of his mad uncle Mustafa I, for a start--that a pupil said the period's three-day-long dramatic climax "an Ottoman Tragedy." lower than Gabriel Piterberg's deft research, this era of trouble turns into a ancient laboratory for the heritage of the Ottoman Empire within the 17th century--an chance to watch the dialectical play among heritage as an prevalence and event and background as a recounting of that have. Piterberg reconstructs the Ottoman narration of this fraught interval from the foundational textual content, produced within the early 1620s, to the composition of the kingdom narrative on the finish of the 17th century. His paintings brings theories of historiography into discussion with the particular interpretation of Ottoman historic texts, and forces a rethinking of either Ottoman historiography and the Ottoman country within the 17th century. A provocative reinterpretation of a huge occasion in Ottoman background, this paintings reconceives the relation among historiography and background.

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Like the other historians, he identifies the Hotin campaign as an occasion that worsened the already edgy relations between the sultan and the kul. But what Tug˘i presents as an arbitrary decision on payments, Peçevi exposes as an attempt by Sultan Osman to make the janissaries undergo a yoklama (administrative inspection) under the pretext of granting donative. This, Peçevi observes, annoyed them. It should be clarified that the yoklama in this context was an administrative device whose application might be a political risk, for in it the payrolls were checked against names to make sure that only active and serving soldiers, and veterans entitled to pensions, were paid rather than members of the janissaries’ civilian networks.

Beginnings It is convenient to begin with the most recent scholarly contribution. 3 What Kafadar basically shows is the formative conflictuality of Ottoman historiography in the fifteenth century, with special emphasis on what he rightly considers the most important genre, the histories of the House of Osman. The historiographical conflict lay at the heart of the domestic political, social, and cultural battle of the fifteenth century. 4 According to Halil Inalcik, by the end of Mehmed II’s reign (the Conqueror, Fatih in Ottoman, r.

An ideology stressing the constant need to fight for the faith on the frontiers of Islam). Since a perfect ideological sealing is unattainable, especially in the age of manuscripts that attempt to construct a tradition on the basis of oral tales, the deviations from the state-led gaza ideology that have crept in allow glances at the onion’s core through its distorting layers. 7 In Kafadar’s view, garlic is a more appropriate metaphor for early Ottoman historiography up to the fifteenth century.

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