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By Chelsea Fine

"This ebook enraptured me. unique. Breath-taking. the entire correct ways."
-UtopYA Reviews

"Talk approximately one loopy, advanced love triangle! Chelsea positive yes is aware how you can pull heartstrings. on the finish I yelled, 'Shut up! Ahhhhh! I heavily want the following ebook. correct. NOW'."
-Goodreads Reviewer

"The love triangle during this e-book is the easiest type of the place each person believes and everybody loves and everybody suffers! the tip left me wide-eyed, open-mouthed and longing desperately for the subsequent book!"
-The publication Hookup

Three curses. brothers. One love triangle.
Sometimes love is intended to be. yet is the loss of life of you.

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"Anew used to be so freaking stable! The suspense, the eagerness, the chemistry, the affection triangle, the awesome writing, the simplest characters ever, the realization, (*deep breath*) OMG the was once all WOW holy cow awesomeness. Anew was once a very unique paranormal romance."
-Reading, consuming, Dreaming Reviews

"Amazing, appealing ebook! I beloved the belief of the plot - it is clean and specified, I enjoyed the characters, the pacing of the tale used to be excellent and the finishing promising! nice variety of writing and great humor! simply excellent! A must-read!!!"
-Goodreads Reviewer

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time will fall head over heels for the determined characters and unending mysteries in Anew!

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Voila! You look beautiful. You are well-dressed and not drape-like. ” Scarlet looked at herself in the mirror. The makeup was a little much, but her hair and outfit were…cute. ” Heather replied. “And when I say ‘anytime’ what I mean is all the time. ” Scarlet shook her head. ” The girls headed to the town center just as night fell.  The Kiss Walk was basically a giant game of musical chairs, but without the chairs. Like a Cake Walk. But instead of a cake, the winner received free kisses at the kissing booths.

Scarlet nodded. ” Heather was a bit of a drama queen. As she caught her breath, Heather eyed Scarlet up and down, clearly forgetting about her near-death experience with the world’s smallest breed of dog. “The baggy green shirt, Scarlet? ” Scarlet rolled her eyes. ” “Well, thank God. ” Heather ran a hand over her shiny hair. “I mean, seriously. You have a closet the size of a castle full of cute, appropriately-sized shirts…and you choose a parachute top for the Kissing Festival? ” Scarlet smiled and looked back at the passing parade.

He’d rather believe what Gabriel felt for Scarlet was just a little crush. But he knew better. Which only made his torment more acute. Tristan shook his head. ” “So what? Gabe! Scarlet can’t ever know about me—or meet me. ” Gabriel rolled his eyes. “She’s not going to meet you. Stop being so dramatic. And quit following me around town. ” “I wasn’t following you,” Tristan said. ” Gabriel raised his eyebrows. “A ‘client’? ” Tristan didn’t answer. He knew Gabriel didn’t approve of his methods, but he didn’t have time to look for less-gruesome ways to break the curse.

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