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Robert Doherty's Area 51: The Truth PDF

By Robert Doherty

ISBN-10: 0440237068

ISBN-13: 9780440237068

Ultimately, we are going to examine the reality approximately humankind’s origins... yet will we actually need to know?The Ark of the Covenant...Excalibur...The Holy Grail... eventually, the world’s mythical artifacts were unearthed, their mystery powers printed. Now, because the destiny of Earth hangs within the stability, people and extraterrestrial beings race for keep an eye on of the ultimate mystery: the site of the alien mothership--our final top likelihood for survival. For sector fifty one commander Mike Turcotte, the stakes are better than ever...because the key lies buried within the repressed reminiscence of his former love, Lisa Duncan.Still battle-weary from alien wars that killed so much of his zone fifty one workforce, Mike is thrust right into a ultimate showdown--up opposed to an alien military bent on overall domination. With extraterrestrial beings in ownership of the ultimate alternative Missile codes, nuclear holocaust is a chilling danger. the one bargaining chip is the mothership. For Mike, the questions mount: Can Lisa be depended on in a high-stakes switch to save lots of the Earth from nuclear meltdown? Is he struggling with the true enemy? Or is the true enemy inside? because the countdown starts off, one other stunning key is published. At stake: our species, our destiny, our Earth.

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A cable extended from it to the craft. Using the harpoon as an anchor, the Airlia slowly spun out cable, getting closer to the glow. One of the Airlia in the control compartment slid his hands into articulated gloves and took control of the arms. Gingerly the large metal claws at the end dug through. Finally, one of them gently cradled the source of the green glow: a multifaceted crystal, eight feet in diameter. The arm lifted the glowing green crystal out of the debris, then carefully brought it over the top of the vehicle and halted.

Inside the lead dragon, Artad was watching the display screens showing the outer world. When he saw the Talon come toward his location, flying just above the desert floor, he hit a control and the back ramp to his dragon-machine slowly opened, lowering to the sand. He got up and walked out of the aircraft, followed by his Kortad. The Talon slowed and the point rose toward the sky as the bottom settled on the ground. Five meters up a hatch opened and a long gangplank extended to the sand. The Kortad exited the flying dragons and followed as Artad walked to the plank.

Do you know how many times I died and was reincarnated over the millennia? " His eyes lost their focus slightly. "I have Aspasia's memories of the stars and the numerous worlds that circle them. htm[15/3/2011 8:27:26 μμ] Area 51: The Truth places in the universe where I want to go. " Turcotte wondered why Aspasia's Shadow had tried negotiating if he was confident in his immortality. Of course, from his experience with what had happened to Duncan, Turcotte also knew if he shot the creature it would kill him only for a little while.

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