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Atmospheric Pollution. Its History, Origins and Prevention by A. R. Meetham PDF

By A. R. Meetham

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It is efficient only if the gases are allowed to reach very high temperatures, between 600 and 850°C, and materials have not been available until comparatively recently for making a rotor which will operate satisfactorily within this range of temperatures. A 4 MW gas turbine was built in 1939 in Switzerland for use as a stand-by electric generator. Since 1944 there have been great developments in small gas turbines for aircraft, naval vessels, railway locomotives and other uses. These engines can generate great power in proportion to their size and are particularly suited to "jet" propulsion.

17. A simple internal-combustion engine. Two stroke, compression ignition Gas engines are rather less wasteful of fuel than steam engines. Their efficiency is 25-30 per cent. Small motors driven by petrol or oil are about as efficient as gas enginesy their efficiency being 18-25 per cent. Larger engines of the compression-ignition (diesel) type have efficiencies ranging from 25-33 per cent. They are at present the most efficient machines for converting the energy of fuel to mechanical energy, though they are not always the most suitable because of fuel and upkeep costs.

Considerable research on low-temperature coke was done at the Fuel Research Stationr, Greenwich, England (now Warren Spring Laboratory, Stevenage), in the 1920s, and it was found to radiate more of its heat than coal when burnt in an open fire. In similar conditions it radiated 25 per cent of its heat and coal radiated only 22 per cent. P. 38 Atmospheric Pollution The best known of the low-temperature cokes are distributed nationally under the trade names "Coalite" and "Rexco". These are in great demand, both within Smokecontrol Areas and outside because they will burn easily and smokelessly without the necessity of adapting fireplaces.

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Atmospheric Pollution. Its History, Origins and Prevention by A. R. Meetham

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