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By Enrique Vila-Matas

ISBN-10: 0811221539

ISBN-13: 9780811221535

In Bartleby & Co., an significantly relaxing novel, Enrique Vila-Matas tackles the subject of silence in literature: the writers and non-writers who, just like the scrivener Bartleby of the Herman Melville tale, in solution to any query or call for, replies: "I would like now not to." Addressing such "artists of refusal" as Robert Walser, Robert Musil, Arthur Rimbaud, Marcel Duchamp, Herman Melville, and J. D. Salinger, Bartleby & Co. should be defined as a meditation: a strolling travel throughout the annals of literature. Written as a sequence of footnotes (a non-work itself), Bartleby embarks on such questions as why can we write, why can we exist? the reply lies within the novel itself: informed from the viewpoint of a airtight hunchback who has no good fortune with girls, and is himself not able to put in writing, Bartleby is completely attractive, a piece of profound and philosophical good looks.

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This emphasis upon the importance of fami­ ly life is significant since St Leon was written shortly after his wife, Mary Wollstonecraft, died giving birth to Mary Shelley. The novel was written as a tribute to her memory and lovingly portrays her as Marguerite, St Leon’s wife. The story concerns Count Reginald de St Leon, a descendant of one of the oldest families in France, who after pursuing a military career em­ barks upon a period of gambling. Two years later he meets Marguerite Louise de Damville, whom he eventually marries.

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