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Bayou-Diversity: Nature and People in the Louisiana Bayou - download pdf or read online

By Kelby Ouchley

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Louisiana's bayous and their watersheds teem with cypress timber, alligators, crawfish, and lots of different existence varieties. From Bayou Tigre to part Moon Bayou, those slow streams meander via lowlands, marshes, or even uplands to dominate the state's panorama. In Bayou-Diversity, conservationist Kelby Ouchley finds the bayou's elaborate net of plant life and fauna.Through a suite of essays approximately Louisiana's common historical past, Ouchley info an grand array of vegetation and animals present in the Bayou country. Baldcypress, orchids, feral hogs, eels, black bears, bald eagles, and cottonmouth snakes reside within the good over four hundred bayous of the sector. jointly, Ouchley's vignettes painting brilliant and complicated habitats. yet human interplay with the bayou and our position in its survival, Ouchley argues, will confirm the way forward for those tricky ecosystems. Bayou-Diversity narrates the tale of the bayou one wildflower, one creature at a time, in flip illustrating the larger photograph of this valuable and bothered Louisiana panorama.

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It is a favorite of rock collectors because of high silica content, well-defined, rod-like structures, and variety of colors. Jewelers like it because it polishes well and is durable. They follow in the tradition of Native Americans, who used worked petrified wood as tools for thousands of years. While some might argue that Loui�si�ana politicians are indeed petrified in their governing abilities, their efforts to recognize an interesting fossil should be considered on their educational merits.

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