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Beasts of New York by Jon Evans PDF

By Jon Evans

A violent, epic, action-packed city quest filled with very eccentric, usually hilarious, tremendous risky characters who additionally ensue to be animals -- the flora and fauna of recent York urban, to be exact.

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And the tall golden grass, while strange to him, did not seem unnatural. But the air was so rank and sour that every breath threatened to make him ill. As he had approached, Patch had seen that this hill was surrounded by strips of wasteland, and he could hear the distant roar of herds of death machines. But this air did not smell like death machines. This air tasted of death itself. Patch knew after only a few breaths that he had to leave this poisoned place right away. But he could not see where to go.

Join the Meadow? That's not possible. We're of the Treetops. " This is not the place to explain what the moon means to animals. Suffice to say that an oath sworn by the moon is even stronger than an oath sworn on blood. Such an oath can never be broken or unsworn. "Yes," Brighteyes said, looking away from Patch. " "Yes. We will all go. We will all swear. " "You can't do this," Patch said, shocked. "You can't leave the Treetops. " "We must. We haven't any food, Patch. You see how weak my babies are.

Most of them filed back towards the shadows at the base mountain. But Snout ran along the edge of the mountain, until he reached a huge hole in the mountain's side. Humans had blocked the hole with a wire fence much like those in the Center Kingdom. Snout squeezed himself through a hole in the fence and disappeared into shadow. " Toro asked. "Yes," Patch said. " "You should go back to the Kingdom. " Patch was afraid to stay in these terrible mountains for even a moment longer. He wanted to run back to the Center Kingdom, with his full belly and his wonderful story of adventure that no other squirrel would ever believe, and wait for spring to come.

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Beasts of New York by Jon Evans

by Joseph

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