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While there is no time limit for grief, you will begin to feel better one day. You may get upset from time to time, but the overwhelming feelings that come directly after a loss will gradually fade. Once you understand the grieving process, you will be more prepared to cope with the confusion and pain that come when you lose someone you love. Page 8 Losing a loved member of the family is a great shock. Page 9 Chapter 1 What Is the "Right Way" to Grieve? Grief happens when you experience an important loss.

Sam's dad taught him how to draw. They enjoyed going on hikes together and drawing pictures of the birds and animals they saw. When Sam was twelve, his dad died. Now Sam is grown up. He is a famous artist. His animal pictures are in many books. " Fran is fourteen. She has heart disease. No one knows how much longer Fran will live. Right now she goes to school and she feels good. But this could change at any time. Fran knows she is dying "But I try not to waste a lot of time being sad. I'd much rather spend my time enjoying life; being with friends and family and experiencing new things.

She told her how she felt now that Jaleh was gone. The coach listened to Nina. Then she suggested that Nina talk to the other players on the team. Together, they decided to try to win the Page 19 championship for Jaleh. Nina realized that Jaleh wanted her to play even though she couldn't be there. Nina felt better after talking out her feelings. She was excited again about the game. Kim asked her mom about the divorce. She found out there were many reasons for it. Both of her parents told Kim how much they loved her.

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