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Suppose, for example, that a galvanometer circuit is suddenly closed; the indicator needle overshoots, reverses direction, and again overshoots, executing thereafter a simple harmonic motion of decreasing amplitude (44). When the input signal to a second-order sensor is fluctuating sinusoidally, there is the further problem of resonance, with indicated amplitudes being much larger than the true ones. Many wind vanes, for example, may overshoot in a turbulent wind, a problem whose solution has been given by Gill (44).

13 (43). As the wind increases or a thinner thermometer is used, the response becomes more rapid. The time constants in Fig. 13 are only fractions of a second whereas that of an ordinary mercury-in-glass thermometer is about 2-3 min. 13) may be used to determine the percentage responses of the sensor after different time intervals. The results are given in Table VI (44). To achieve 95% recovery, for example, an elapsed time of 3 λ is required. TABLE VI RECOVERY IN TERMS OF THE TIME CONSTANT λ OF A SENSOR OBEYING E Q .

The nature of the underlying surface is a factor in network design, particularly on the mesoscale. ). Spatial variations in the number of receptors may modify the basic network design. Vegetation species are often "clumped" rather than distributed randomly; human population is concentrated in cities and towns. The United States Atomic Energy Commission (73) suggests as a 3/Sampling of the Atmosphere: Space Considerations 56 guide for establishing a monitoring program around a nuclear reactor that there be one air sampling station for each community of over 100 people within 8 km (5 miles) of the plant and an additional station for each town of over 1000 people within 16 km (10 miles).

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