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By Armando Carlos de Pina Filho

ISBN-10: 9533072164

ISBN-13: 9789533072166

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Thuilot, B. & Espiau, B. (1996). Compass-like biped robot part i: Stability and bifurcation of passive gaits, Technical report, Institut National De Recherche En Informatique Et En Autimatique. , Thuilotz, B. & Espiauy, B. (1996). A study of the passive gait of a compass like biped robot: Symmetry and chaos, International Journal of Robotics Research . Kappaganthu, K. (2007). Design and development of a biped with a moving torso, Master’s thesis, Villanova University. -H. -H. (2004). Walking control of the humanoid platform KHR-1 based on torque feedback control, Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE, International Conference in Robotics and Automation pp.

Actively controlled bipeds on the other hand are very adaptable to path planning and stability control at the cost of simplicity. Further they are typically prohibitively costly. Recognizing this, some attempts have been made to incorporate passive dynamics into actively controlled bipeds as it could theoretically result in an efficient method. The torso plays an important role in the motion of bipeds. Typically most of the mass is concentrated on the torso or on the hip. It can be observed even in human motion that the position of the torso changes with a change in slope.

T. (2001). Goal-oriented biped walking based on force interaction control, Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE, International Conference of Robotics and Automation pp. 4122–4127. 0 4 Effect of Circular Arc Feet on a Control Law for a Biped Tetsuya Kinugasa1 , Christine Chevallereau2 , Yannick Aoustin3 and Koji Yoshida4 1,4 2,3 Institut Okayama University of Science, de Recherche en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Université de Nantes 1,4 JAPAN 2,3 FRANCE 1.

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