Blindly (The Margellos World Republic of Letters) by Claudio Magris PDF

By Claudio Magris

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Who is the mysterious narrator of Blindly? basically a recluse and a fugitive, yet what extra of him will we determine? Baffled through the occasions of his personal lifestyles, he muses, "When I write, or even now whilst i feel again on it, I listen a type of humming, blathered phrases that i will slightly comprehend, gnats droning round a desk lamp, that i need to regularly swat away with my hand, in order to not lose the thread."

Claudio Magris, one in all Europe's prime authors and cultural philosophers, deals as narrator of Blindly a madman. definite, yet a pazzo lucido, a lucid madman, a unmarried narrative voice populated via a variety of characters. he's Jorgen Jorgenson, the nineteenth-century adventurer who turned king of Iceland yet was once condemned to pressured exertions within the Antipodes. he's additionally Comrade Cippico, a communist militant, imprisoned for years in Tito's gulag at the island Goli Otok. And he's the various partisans, prisoners, sailors, and stowaways who've encountered the perils of trip, warfare, and event. In a transferring choral monologue—part confession, half psychiatric session—a guy recalls (invents, falsifies, hides, screams out) his existence, a voyage into the nether areas of heritage, and particularly the 20 th century.

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But I would have recognized myself just the same in that nocturnal galaxy exploding in the immensity, in that grey and white corolla that exfoliates in the darkness, Identi-Kit for wanted prisoner Salvatore Cippico-ipiko, passport photo of convict Jorgen Jorgensen, official portrait of His Majesty King of Iceland, a section obtained through Brainvox magnetic resonance imaging, I heard your henchman say in the usual sibylline jargon of inquisitors. Yes, there are many things in a man’s head. Or there were, because they take them from you, they empty you out; those black plates, scored with white filaments like shooting stars in the night sky, that bear my name, are the image of the dark, empty space that’s in your head after they’ve taken everything from you throughout your entire life.

Thanks to you, not to me; I’m somewhat inept when it comes to using that contraption, with all those keys, and if they hadn’t told me that it’s called a PC, like that other one, the Party, I wouldn’t even have tried it. Computer psychotherapy, new technological treatments for mental disorders. It’s so much easier to break into a file cabinet this way. —Well, just a few modifications to dates and places plus a disguised name or two, modest alterations, no sense in overdoing it, then too I wouldn’t even have been capable of it.

In a word, I treat it with respect. It seems to me an affable and dignified way to acknowledge disasters and also a mark of a good upbringing—of Kinderstube, my father would say. When you meet an acquaintance, even a disagreeable one, it’s only right to greet him and tip your hat, and if that lout is death or misfortune, of course you try to avoid him and turn the corner before he can bore you with his story, but that doesn’t mean you should forget good manners and sink to his level. That Mr. Cogoi must be an ideal companion in stricken situations; gentle, composed, perhaps he’s already seen the hand tracing the fiery letters on the wall and realizes that there’s nothing more to be done, but he isn’t troubled by it, indeed he doesn’t even talk, he merely listens and nods assent.

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