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New PDF release: Brain Jack

By Brian Falkner

ISBN-10: 0375893237

ISBN-13: 9780375893230

A best Ten YALSA choose for well known Paperbacks for teens! Fans of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother and M. T. Anderson's Feed will love this high-octane cyber thriller.

In a dystopian near-future, neuro-headsets have changed computing device keyboards. simply slip on a headset, and it is the net on the pace of idea. For teenager hacker Sam Wilson, a headset is a needs to. yet as he masters the recent expertise, he has a terrifying attention. If something on his machine is liable to an assault, what occurs whilst his brain is associated with the method? may perhaps attention itself be hacked?

Brian Falkner, writer of The day after today Code and The Project, promises an action-packed and thought-provoking sci-fi mystery within which going surfing to a working laptop or computer might suggest the adaptation among existence and dying.

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Just a heavy concrete wall, lined with brick on the cafe side and wooden paneling on the Telecomerica side, separates the cafe from the facility. Sam sat at a small table on the cafe side and slowly inched his way into the computer network on the other side of the wall. The rings of firewall security were not a problem. He had already bypassed them simply by connecting to an access point on the inside. Behind all the layers of expensive security. The trick now was to analyze the network traffic: the tiny packets of data that flowed continuously like high-pressure water through the pipes of the network.

Brain Jack / by Brian Falkner. — 1st ed. p. cm. Summary: In a near-future New York City, seventeen-year-old computer genius Sam Wilson manages to hack into the Telecomerica communications network and sets off a chain of events that have a profound effect on human activity throughout the world. eISBN: 978-0-375-89323-0 [1. Science fiction. 2. ] I. Title. F1947Br 2010 [Fic]—dc22 2008043386 Random House Children’s Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates the right to read. 1 For my mum CONTENTS Cover Other Books by This Author Title Page Copyright Dedication PROLOGUE BEGINNINGS [1] Dirty Tricks [2] Telecomerica [3] Chaos [4] Ursula [5] Freaks and Geeks [6] The White House [7] Neoh@ck [8] Kiwi [9] The Library [10] The Wreck [11] Prison Break REVELATIONS [12] Silicon Valley [13] Last Line of Defense [14] Lockdown [15] Peach Bottom [16] Vienna [17] Fargas [18] Sharks [19] The Raid [20] Victoria [21] UAS [22] Bigger Fish [23] First Class [24] Chicago [25] The Apartment [26] Swamp Witch [27] The Phantom WISDOM [28] Tyler [29] Jaggard [30] Escape [31] Vienna [32] The Great Mall [33] The Search [34] The Phantom [35] Exit Strategy [36] The Crypt [37] CNN [38] Capture [39] Darkness [40] The Valley of Death [41] Sin City [42] The Awakening [43] Resistance [44] Toys [45] The Desert [46] Recovery [47] Memories [48] The Coming of the War [49] Sticks and Stones [50] The Dam [51] Refugees [52] The Border [53] Diversion [54] Freedom Road [55] Infection [56] Full-Frontal Assault [57] Birth [58] Death [59] Sam EPILOGUE Acknowledgements About the Author PROLOGUE Right now, as you read this prologue, I am sifting through the contents of your computer.

The Russian Black Flu and the Japanese Kamikaze. Self-replicating, shape-shifting viruses. Nasty little critters, highly destructive and difficult to stamp out. The network security should cope with them, but it would occupy them for a few minutes: a diversion. What he needed—urgently—was the location of the database backup files. They wouldn’t be on-site, so where would they be? The SQL database management engine gave him the answer: London. , and Melbourne, but London was the first go-to place if the system crashed—which it just had.

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