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By Konrad Reif

ISBN-10: 3658039779

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ISBN-13: 9783658039783

Braking structures were regularly built and greater during the final years. significant milestones have been the advent of antilock braking procedure (ABS) and digital balance application. This reference e-book offers an in depth description of braking parts and the way they have interaction in digital braking systems.

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They use hydraulic power that is generated by a hydraulic pump and stored in a hydraulic accumulator. Design The hydraulic brake servo system consists of the following components: ¼ Steering pump (1) ¼ Reservoir (2) with filter ¼ Pressure-controlled flow regulator (3) with hydraulic accumulator (4) ¼ Master cylinder (5) with brake-fluid reservoir (6) The steering pump supplies the brake servo unit (7) and the power steering system (8) with hydraulic pressure. 4 Brake servo unit Hydraulic brake servo system A 3 2 6 Fig.

Notes on use ¼ Hydraulic oil is used in the brake servo circuit (A), the intake and return lines (B) and the power-steering circuit (C). ¼ Brake fluid is used in the brake circuits (D). Car braking-system components 45 Method of operation of flow regulator and hydraulic accumulator The flow regulator and hydraulic accumulator are identified by the numbers 3 and 4 in the diagram of the system (Figure 4). The steering pump delivers hydraulic fluid to port C1 of the pressure-controlled flow regulator (Figure 5 overleaf, Items 1 ...

92 with engines mounted in line, and approx. 5 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 15 ... 2 1) FS 2F Ro “Three-box” design t α 1 G FG = FL + FSt + FRo 2 2F Ro æ UAF0046-1Y Table 1 Table 2 S 1 Rolling resistance when traveling in a straight line Rolling resistance is produced by deformation processes which occur where the tire is in contact with the road. g. if the tire is under-inflated. However, it also increases as the weight on the wheel and the velocity increases. Furthermore, it varies according to type of road surface – on asphalt, for example, it is only around 25% of what it is on a dirt track.

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Brakes, Brake Control and Driver Assistance Systems: Function, Regulation and Components by Konrad Reif

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