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3). 2 The modern dispersal of Bunaq speakers reflects a long history of migration and expansion into new territory. By their own accounts traditionally a mountain people (cf. Text 2, Appendix A), the Bunaq have been gradually moving into lowland areas. Excessive pressure on land caused by growing populations and the depletion of soil due to the nature of shifting agriculture have forced the Bunaq to look for new farming land over a period of centuries. Political factors and governmental ventures have also affected modern Bunaq settlement patterns.

Sesi ‘meat’ and *bulaN ‘moon’. Items which are not reconstructed to a higher node of Austronesian remain speculative cases of Austronesian influence. In either case, such shared vocabulary points to contact and exchange between Bunaq and its Austronesian neighbours. 8 Ritual language: parallelism Parallelism as a poetic device and the basis of ritual language in eastern Indonesia is widespread (cf. Fox 1988). Parallelism is also the basis for the Bunaq ritual language and occupies a position of considerable cultural importance.

Inalienable possessors are expressed by compounding and marked directly on the possessed noun with person prefixes. Alienable possessors are expressed by phrasally and marked indirectly by a free possessor classifier with person prefixes indexing the possessor.

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