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PTs thrived by Finding Freedom in an Unfree World. This was another influential PT oriented book. PTs often join online groups, write and consult to show wannabee PTs how to do it - by internationalizing. But there is so much more to it than that. In Bye Bye Big Brother we look at the PT impact on personal relationships, the best places to live, how to invest and bank abroad with safety and high profits, how and why to acquire new citizenships, and how and when to use tax havens as legal residences.

All went very well during the next three years. Jason bought his family an expensive waterfront home. He settled in with his wife, Denise, and their three wonderful kids. He had properly declared the Mallis commission as income on his tax returns. Jason paid his taxes and, with that chapter closed, went on with new deals. Jason, as a successful Miami broker, lived the good life. Denise, his pretty wife was a big spender. But what the heck! He liked her to look good, drive a big BMW, and be happy.

Most frustrations of life with Big Brother are instantly eliminated. " Throughout Bye Bye Big Brother, you will discover more about the theory and practice behind PT. We will expand your ideas and horizons, make you see the world in a totally new light. We will equip you with all the contacts and information you need to make logical and successful decisions on your journey into a new life. This is a hands on guide. After covering the theory, we will give you plenty of practical advice and information.

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Bye Bye Big Brother - 3 Volume Collection - Volume 1 by Grandpa

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