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By Jeanne Duprau

ISBN-10: 0060736755

ISBN-13: 9780060736750

ISBN-10: 0061923400

ISBN-13: 9780061923401

While Duff's Ford Escort breaks down after slightly 100 miles, he makes use of his desktop and a few quickly pondering to piece jointly how to proceed his journey. What he does not plan on are the characters he meets alongside the line, together with a hitchhiker with a mystery, an aspiring singer with a con artist for a mom, a number of thugs, and a carsick terrier.

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Huh,” said Dave. ” With a sinking feeling, Duff realized that not having dashboard lights was more of a problem than he’d thought. He decided not to mention this. ” 24 Stuck in Nowhere “I have to think about this,” said Duff. ” Duff fetched his laptop from the car and slung the strap of its carrying case over his shoulder. He set off down the road in what looked to be the direction of town. It was mortifying, being stuck on the first day of his journey. But he knew already what he wasn’t going to do: (1) call his parents to come and rescue him, (2) sit around for two weeks waiting for a new engine, (3) spend a big chunk of his money on a plane ticket to California.

In the office, a sour-faced woman stood behind the counter. She wore a badge that said, FOOTE. WELCOME ! I ’ M MRS . EDNA There was a smiley face on the badge, which must have made Mrs. Foote feel that she didn’t have to smile herself. Duff filled out a form, and Edna Foote handed over the key to room 26. She didn’t ask if he was old enough to rent a motel room. Duff didn’t expect she would. Something about his height, his slightly stooped posture, and his serious expression made people think he was older than he was.

Was it about to hit something? Once they got onto the highway, he calmed down. The car did run smoothly. It glided. Being encased in that much metal and glass made him feel safe. Beside this one, other cars on the road looked like little tin bubbles. Stu sprawled happily in his seat.

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