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Chem. 9, 173 (1959). : Katalyse durch Phthalocyanine. I. Kinetik und Mechanismus der Autoxydation yon Cumol in Gegenwart yon Phthalocyaninen. Ann. Chem. 637, 73 (1960). 78) _ Katalyse durch Phthalocyanine. II. Katalyse yon Benzolkohlenwasserstoffen dutch Kupfer-Phthalocyanine. Ann. Chem. 637, 93 (1960). 79) _ Katalyse durch Phthalocyanine. V. Autoxydation yon Cumol in Gegenwart yon Vanadyl-Phthalocyanin. Tetrahedron Letters 1962, 577. : Autoxydation yon Cumol in Gegenwart yon substituierten KupferPhthalocyaninen und verwandten Kupfer-Komplexen.

The Catalytic Action of Copper-Iron Polyphthalocyanine on Oxidation of Acetalhyde Ethylene Acetal. Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan 40, 184 (1967). 89) _ _ _ Organic Catalysts. The Role of the Iron as an Oxidation Catalysts in CopperIron Polyphthalocyanine. Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan 41, 684 (1968). 90) _ _ _ Organic Catalysts. V. Specific Catalytic Properties of Copper-Iron Polyphthalocyanine in the Oxidation of Aldehydes. Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan 41,692 (1968); 41, 692 (1968). 91) Keier, N. , Mamaeva, E. , Alikina, G.

Heterogeneous Disproportionation Catalysts The catalysts reported by Banks and Bailey 1) consisted of a high surface area support, alumina, on which molybdenum or tungsten compounds had been deposited. Activation of the catalyst, or the support, was accomplishedby heating at elevated temperature in a stream of air or nitrogen. A number of heterogeneous catalysts of this type are now known to be active for disproportionating olefins. Examples of the disproportionation of propylene to ethylene and n-butene with some of these catalysts are presented in Table 1.

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