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By P. Pickering

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In 1845 Frederick Engels wrote that 'Manchester is the seat of the main strong unions, the primary aspect of Chartism, where which numbers the main Socialists'. there were many neighborhood reviews of the Chartist fight for democratic political reform, yet there isn't any significant learn of the flow within the Manchester-Salford conurbation, its most crucial provincial centre. This booklet brings an leading edge method of an exploration of facets of the Chartist event within the 'shock urban' of the economic revolution.

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In the depths of the 1841-42 depression, Faucher found that 116 factories and 681 shops and offices had closed. 106 During these periods of chronic unemployment people subsisted on meagre rations of potatoes or oatmeal assisted only by soup from one of several charity kitchens. In 1842 one soup-kitchen was dispensing thousands of gallons of soup per day. 107 For many Manchester workers who had seen better days, this soup was received at the expense of self-respect. 5 1836-41 27 Comparative Retail Prices of Items of Household Expenditure, Article 1836 1841 Rent (cottage) Flour (per doz.

8 1/ 2d. per 4 lb) 8d. 4d. 2d. 4d. per dozen) 2s. 2d. (6 1J2d. 4d. (8d. per lb) 2s. (Is. 9d. (3d. per quart) 6d. Is. (2s. 6d. (6s. 9d. (7d. per lb) 8d. (4d. ld. 8d. (4d. per lb) 7Y2d. (5d. 6d. 4s. 3s. 2s. 5 1/ 2d. Total 34s. 1 / 2d. Source: D. Chadwick, 'On the Rate of Wages in Manchester and Salford and the Manufacturing Districts of Lancashire, 1839-59', Journal of the Statistical Society, vol. 23, March 1860, p. 35. 105 Because this 'comparatively innutritious' diet related to those in full employment, it is not difficult to imagine that with the intervention of sickness or employment difficulties, further privation ensued.

41 Radicalism was also a family affair with the Wroes. When James Wroe was imprisoned in 1820 for sedition he was followed into prison on similar charges by his wife Alice, and his brothers William and Peter. 42 Another thoroughly radical family were the Wheelers of Whittle Street. James's credentials have already been described; his wife Nancy shared his origins as a radical republican and Huntite, but she went on to be a fervent 'Daniel O'Connellite'. Their daughter married a Chartist, John Livesey, who followed in his father-inlaw's footsteps hy falling foul of the law and subsequently suffering imprisonment for conspiracy during the strife-torn months of mid-183Y.

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