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By Rachel Caine

ISBN-10: 0451460103

ISBN-13: 9780451460103

ISBN-10: 0786562277

ISBN-13: 9780786562275

Climate Warden Joanne Baldwin has secure the human race from monster storms, been killed, reborn as a Djinn, after which restored to her unique shape. Now she's throwing the cube to forestall an infinitely robust, deeply disturbed kid-who is holed up in a Vegas hotel-from bringing on a brand new ice age.

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His lips pressed gently on the bare skin of my shoulder. I took a deep breath and turned toward him . . 34 Rachel Caine . . but he was gone. Disappeared. Vanished like the Djinn he was. Don’t go, I need you, please stay. . I really did need him, especially tonight, especially here. But I was a tough girl. Tough girls don’t beg. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but the memories kept coming back. Now that I’d remembered being here before, I couldn’t forget the circumstances, and the circumstances started with Chaz.

Some say it caused the Dark Ages. It had taken the Wardens generations to control things again, put 54 Rachel Caine the systems back in balance. Or some semblance of it, at least. When the entire world system wobbled, it was the work of several human lifetimes to correct it. I sucked in a deep breath. ’’ Paul sank into a chair, leaned forward, and clasped his hands together. The gold chain around his neck swung free. It was a Saint Eurosia medal, patron saint against bad weather. I was reminded that when his relatives had sit-downs like this, it was sometimes to talk about whom to whack.

I pulled away a little, looking into his eyes. So much passion in him, constrained by so much will. ’’ I asked him. He traced the line of my lips with his fingertips like a blind man memorizing the shape of my face, and didn’t answer. ’’ I felt him go tense against me. The lazy focus of his eyes sharpened. ‘‘Don’t,’’ he warned me. ’’ I was being very specifically repetitive, and I felt the surge of power as the Rule of Three kicked in. He was compelled to answer me truthfully, but of course, the truth with Djinn could be fluid.

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Chill Factor (Weather Warden, Book 3) by Rachel Caine

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