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New PDF release: Cinderella Grv

By Tom Keifer, Fred Amendola

ISBN-10: 0881887668

ISBN-13: 9780881887662

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She snorted silently as she peeked a look at his hard profile. What a fool she had been. Naive, impossibly innocent, incredibly foolish. And she still hadn’t learned her lesson, not all the way to the soul. Because a part of her had never forgotten that one night. That sultry summer night when he had taken her with singular determination and fiery lust. When he had taught her the true depths of carnal pleasure and the ultimate despair. ” The words tore from her lips as he pulled into the small marina his uncle Ray Mackay owned.

He had promised her. Dawg tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. “You ran from me every chance you got,” he growled back at her. Not every chance. Not one dark night when she had found him too drunk to drive and helped him home. And then helped him break her heart. “I was smart then,” she said, feeling the regret that welled inside her. If only she had been smarter. If only she had faced the truth then, and what had happened. Maybe the past eight years would have been different. If nothing else, she might not have been tormented with so many what-ifs and the fact that she had been a coward.

Her hand gripped the doorframe as she met his gaze. “It was just Dawg and me, Alex. ” This time. She knew if it happened again, if she dared to let it ever repeat, then it wouldn’t be just Dawg. And when that happened, Dawg would make an enemy of her brother for life. ” He breathed out roughly. ” As they pulled from the driveway, she couldn’t help the sob that tore from her chest again or the fear that rolled through her. She had cried last night when he touched her the first time. Because she had dreamed of it for so long.

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Cinderella Grv by Tom Keifer, Fred Amendola

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