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By Fernand Braudel

Within the moment quantity during this most appropriate trilogy Braudel turns his awareness to the markets and exchanges that, from the beginning, were the genuine cars of swap. Peddlers, retailers, festivals, marketplace stalls, the 1st inventory exchanges, technique of shuttle and communique, types of lifestyles and social mores all introduced sharply and imaginatively into concentration.

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In Paris, the Parlement, aldermen and (after 1667) the Lieutenant of Police, tried desperately to keep the markets within reasonable bounds: in vain. The rue Saint-Honore was impassable in 1678 because of 'a market which has unlawfully set itself up near and in front of the Quinze-Vingts butcher's in the rue Saint­ Honore, where on market days several women and stallholders, from the fields as 32 The Wheels of Commerce well as from the city, spread out their produce right on the street and prevel free passage which should always be unhindered as [it is] one of the mo!

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This movement was of course everywhere linked to the economic and social transformation which was dispossessing the old landowners, whether lord or peasant, for the benefit of the new rich from the towns. e. truncated) estates' (Guy Fourquin) . 128 I shall have more to say later about the money market, both long- and short-term. It was at the heart of European growth and it is significant that it did not develop everywhere at the same pace and with the same effectiveness . What was universal, by contrast, was the emergence of people willing to advance funds, and of networks of money-lenders, whether Jews or Lombards, natives of Cahors or, as in Bavaria, convents which specialized in loans to peasants.

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