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Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century, Volume 3: - download pdf or read online

By Fernand Braudel

ISBN-10: 0002161338

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The concluding quantity of the trilogy charts the expansion of the area economic climate from the 15th to the eighteenth century focusing on the human task that underlies the company of existence - the bustle of the industry, the nice manipulators of capital, the labour of the slave, the peasant and manufacturing facility staff, the models of the wealthy and the increase of the nice monetary centres of Genoa, Venice, Amsterdam and London.

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In eighteenth-century France, these backward islands were as likely to be found in the terrifying interior of Brittany as in the Alpine massif of the O isansS4 or the Morzine valley/s above the Montets col, or in the high valley of Chamonix, which was quite cut off from the outside world until mountain-climbing became popular. One French historian, Colette Baudouy,S6 has had the good fortune to find a peasant community, Cervieres, in the mountains of the Brian<;onnais, 'still living at the same pace as its ancestors, with the mental attitudes of the past, producing food according to ancient techniques, surviving .

However, the backward zones are not to be found exclusively in the really peripheral areas. They punctuate the central regions too, with local pockets of backwardness, a district or 'pays', an isolated mountain valley or an area cut off from the main communication routes . All advanced economies have their 'black holes' outside world time: the historian seeking to discover an almost always inaccessible past feels like a deep-sea diver. In recent years, I have made strenuous efforts - even more than the first two volumes of this work might suggest - to find out more about these primitive destinies, this unique historical fabric which takes us underneath or to the margins of the market, since the trading economy completely bypassed these worlds apart worlds that were in human terms neither more fortunate nor more unfortunate than any other, as I have often had cause to point out.

In the race for world dominion, this was the moment when China lost her position in a contest she had entered without fully realizing it, when she had launched the first maritime expeditions from Nanking in the early fifteenth century . Phi lip II made an equally momentous decision in 1 5 82 . At the height of Spain's political domination of Europe, Philip I I conquered Portugal in 1 5 80, and elected residence, with his government, in Lisbon for a period of almost three years. Lisbon thus gained immeasurably.

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