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It's the objective of this ebook to debate an easy method through Feynman direction quintessential formulation during which the transformation to collective fields quantities to merechanges of integration variables in useful integrals. After the transformation, the trail formula will back be discarded. The ensuing box concept is quantizedin the normal type and the basic quanta at once describe the collective excitations

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Clifford Algebras is still a fast-growing self-discipline, with ever-increasing functions in lots of clinical fields. This quantity includes the lectures given on the Fourth convention on Clifford Algebras and their functions in Mathematical Physics, held at RWTH Aachen in may well 1996. The papers characterize an first-class survey of the most recent advancements round Clifford research and its purposes to theoretical physics.

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Considering its inception within the early many years of the 20th century, quantum mechanics has joined Einstein's concept of relativity and Darwin's thought of evolution as a dominating medical strength. however, this thought has steadfastly resisted interpretation inside a traditional international view. there's no consensus between staff within the box as to tips on how to clear up those difficulties.

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Such discussions are standard and will not be repeated here [7]. 4 n is the number density: n = 2 d3 pF /(2π)3 = p3F /3π 2 . H. 1 General Formulation There is a collective field complementary to the plasmon field which describes dominant collective excitations in many systems such as type II superconductors, 3 He, excitonic insulators, etc. 1) as1 [8] exp − i ×e 2 i 2 dxdx dxdx ψ ∗ (x)ψ ∗ (x )ψ(x )ψ(x)V (x, x ) = const × D∆(x, x )D∆∗ (x, x ) 1 −∆∗ (x,x )ψ(x)ψ(x )−ψ ∗ (x)ψ ∗ (x )∆(x,x ) |∆(x,x )|2 V (x,x ) .

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