Quantum Physics

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By Daniel Greenberger, Klaus Hentschel, Friedel Weinert

ISBN-10: 3540706224

ISBN-13: 9783540706229

With contributions via major quantum physicists, philosophers and historians, this entire A-to-Z of quantum physics offers a lucid realizing of key innovations of quantum conception and test. It covers technical and interpretational facets alike, and contains either conventional and new techniques, making it an quintessential source for concise, up to date information regarding the various aspects of quantum physics.

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J. D. thesis at the University of Copenhagen, he obtained a fellowship for postgraduate study abroad. J. Thomson, who was director of the Cavendish laboratory since 1884. The two personalities did not match, however, and Bohr soon decided to move on to Manchester where Ernest Rutherford introduced him to the intricacies of scattering experiments with α-rays and discussed his brand new nuclear core model of the atom. J. Thomson, Rutherford and Nagaoka ( Atomic models). g. [10], and [8]. J. J. Thomson for his part rejected Bohr’s advances as “meretricious superficialities obtained without, or at the price of, an understanding of the mechanism of atoms” [7, p.

Selleri: Quantum mechanics versus local realism: the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox (Plenum, New York 1988) 8. J. F. Shimony: Bell’s theorem: experimental tests and implications. Reps. Prog. Phys. 41, 1881 (1978) Berry’s Phase Daniel Rohrlich Berry’s phase [1] is a quantum phase effect arising in systems that undergo a slow, cyclic evolution. It is a remarkable correction to the quantum adiabatic theorem and to the closely related Born–Oppenheimer approximation [2]. Berry’s elegant and general analysis has found application to such diverse fields as atomic, condensed matter, nuclear and elementary particle physics, and optics.

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