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We potentially are liberated from much bad philosophy about truth by seeing that sentences need no special extra linguistic items of their own (states of affairs, facts, or whatever) to be related to. Talk of facts is only a lacon de parler 12 .. The truth characterization has its relation to the realm of the physical governed by conditions that direct the relation of intentional to physical discourse. But the nature of these conditions makes it quite in1plausible that the relation of semantics to physics should be anything like the relation of chemistry to physics 13 • If we are 9.

In this manner, uncertainty relations impose limits on the accuracy to which initial conditions can be determined. The uncertainty relations can no longer be criticized as being counterintuitive. Bohr, on the other hand, considered the wave-particle duality and not the unavoidable discontinuities to be the root of the problem. Unlike Heisenberg, Bohr did not permit the theory to determine what is visualizable, and by separating causality from the space-time description of the electron, he was able to regain perceptual imagery in a suitably restricted form.

Tarski, "The Concept of Truth in Formalized Languages," in Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics, Ope cit. p. 193, n. 1. 8. John McDowell, "Physicalism," Ope cit. p. 114. j1 concepts 9 , for only in this way would the notion of truth become respectable from a physicalist standpoint. But we are not told what it is for a simple expression to have semantic properties. Tarski has two prerequisites for acceptability in truth characterizations: formal correctness and material adequacylO. "Convention T" is his condition for material adequacy, but truth characterization could conform to convention T while being, because of sparseness of set theory, incurably recursive in its account of satisfaction.

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