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By Y. Eliashberg

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ISBN-13: 9786619916376

This ebook provides the 1st steps of a conception of confoliations designed to hyperlink geometry and topology of three-d touch buildings with the geometry and topology of codimension-one foliations on 3-dimensional manifolds. constructing nearly independently, those theories firstly look belonged to 2 diversified worlds: the idea of foliations is a part of topology and dynamical structures, whereas touch geometry is the odd-dimensional 'brother' of symplectic geometry. even though, either theories have built a couple of extraordinary similarities. Confoliations - which interpolate among touch constructions and codimension-one foliations - will help us to appreciate larger hyperlinks among the 2 theories. those hyperlinks offer instruments for transporting effects from one box to the other.It's positive factors contain: a unified method of the topology of codimension-one foliations and speak to geometry; perception at the geometric nature of integrability; and, new effects, particularly at the perturbation of confoliations into touch constructions

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Ymll. 3. 19 Corollary. Let X generated. C '# Rn be closed. Then m~ C Rn, 0 is not countably Proof. 13, m~ ~ m~ . m~, and m~ would be finitely generated (even principal) if it were countably generated. But in that case ss 4. 20 Remark. " (recall that "'i

1 we conclude that 1 1 is the same as -of COO (Ua ) 1 COO (Ua)/(gt, ... ,g9) - COO (Va) Coo (Va)/(gl I 0 f, ... ,g9 0 J) which is obviously a pushout. 1 can similarly be applied to open subsets of some Ua , we conclude that for this cover {Ua }, all the squares in (*) are ~~~ts. 0 Two maps Ml ~ Nand M2 J!.. N are called transversal (hi'li 12) if for each Xl E Ml and X2 E M2 with f(xl) = Y = f(x2), im(dh~l) and im(dl2z2) span TIf(N). This is equivalent to saying that the map It x /2: Ml X M2 - N x N is transversal to the diagonal 6.

5), maps into finitely presented Coo -rings, and sends transversal pullbacks to pushouts. 0 3. Local 9 31 (J'~-rjnp Local Coo -rings Let us remind the reader of some notions from commutative algebra. A local "n9 is a non-trivial (0 ¥- 1) ring A which has the property that for all 0, " E A, if 0 + 1 then either 0 or " is invertible. This is equivalent to the existence of a unique maximal ideal m = mA in A. Aim is a field, called the residue field of A. A homomorphism ~: A --+ B between local rings is called local if rp reflects invertibility: ~(o) invertible in B implies 0 invertible in A, or ~(mA) ~ mB.

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