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New PDF release: Contributions from the U.S. National Herbarium. Vol. III.

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Zeit. xxi, 119 (1853). Echinocactus setispinus robustus Poselger, l. c. Echinocactus treculianus Lab. Monogr. Cact. 202 (1858). Globose, 10 to 20 cm. 5 cm. long, the 2 to 6 laterals more slender, longer. ), often flattened, puberulent and whitish, sometimes flexuous or hooked central spines 4, puberulent, yellowish (or purplish-variegated), the 3 upper ones slender, flattened or subangled, erect and generally straight (rarely hooked), 4 to 5 cm. long, the lowest one much stouter, flattened or even channeled, straw-color, flexuous, more, or less hooked (sometimes straight), 5 to 10 cm.

Mex. Bound. t 36)—Type, Wright of 1851 in Herb. Mo. Bot. Gard. Southwestern Texas, from the Pecos to the region about El Paso. Specimens examined: Texas (Wright of 1851; Evans of 1891): also numerous specimens in cultivation. 3. Cereus chloranthus Engelm. Syn. Cact. 278 (1856). 5 to 25 cm. 5 to 5 cm. in diameter: ribs 13 to 18, somewhat interrupted: radial, laxly radiant and pectinate, setiform and white, 4 to 10 mm. 5 cm. 2 cm. 2 mm, in diameter, confluent-tuberculate. (Ill. Cact. Mex. Bound. t.

4 mm. long. (Ill. l. ; Cact. Mex. Bound. t. 74, fig. 9, seed)—Type unknown. Chihuahua, Coahuila, and San Luis Potosi. Specimens examined: Coahuila (Gregg 617; Poselger of 1850): San Luis Potosi (Gregg 585): also specimens cultivated in Goebel’s Gard. (St. Louis), 1845; and in Hort. Pfersdorf in 1869. The usual reference of this name to Hopf. in Foerst. Handb. 321 (1846) is found to be a nomen nudum. 23. Echinocactus uncinatus wrightii Engelm. Syn. Cact. 272 (1856). 5 to 15 cm. 5 cm. 5 cm. 6 mm.

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