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By Barbara Karmazin

ISBN-10: 1595780211

ISBN-13: 9781595780218

BRIDGET O'KEEFE has her complete lifestyles deliberate all the way down to the final aspect. She'll whole a three-year agreement with the small city of Lacrimas, North Carolina and wipe out the big tuition money owed she incurred to turn into a doctor. Afterwards, she'll have her choose of any genetics lab within the state for complete time learn. She does not desire any own entanglements with the Harkers, a wierd and reclusive kinfolk who personal a thirty-mile element of swampland close to Lacrimas.

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She sat upon a stool and repositioned the churn between her knees. The screen door to the back porch had been latched open. Fragile moonlight drifted past the grapevine coiled around the porch. Elizabeth's hands flickered in and out of the shadows while she worked the dasher in the churn. She stopped, tilted her head and stared in his direction. “You can come out now. ” Even though there was more than enough room for his body to enter, he hunched his shoulders and lowered his head out of long established habit, having suffered many goose eggs and cuts in his younger days to take chances with any doorway.

This fireplace provided a secondary passageway between the dining room and kitchen. The mantelpiece on this side consisted of a ten-foot long slab of solid oak. He ducked his head under the archway and instead of continuing through to the other side into the kitchen, seated himself on the high backed bench set against the inner wall. Firebrick surrounded the circular hearth. The hearth lay within a circle of firebrick. The smoke-darkened chimney towered above. A second bench set against the opposite wall of the huge fireplace flanked the hearth.

The hair rose on Bridget's neck. She shivered and swallowed against the tightness in her throat. The holographic image rocked in its chair and continued its story. “He took me to his canoe and brought me across the swamp to Crestmont land. We got there just when them white boys set a cross on fire in my front yard. They had three pickup trucks with their headlights shinin’ on Susannah and the babies. She sat on the ground, holdin’ the twins in her arms. ” Lucas twisted his bandanna into a noose and closed his eyes.

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