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By John W. Moffat

ISBN-10: 0199915520

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One of the present books that commemorate the invention of the Higgs boson, Cracking the Particle Code of the Universe is a unprecedented aim therapy of the topic. The booklet is an insider's behind-the-scenes examine the arcane, attention-grabbing global of theoretical and experimental particle physics major as much as the new discovery of a brand new boson. If the hot boson is certainly the Higgs particle, its discovery represents a tremendous milestone within the background of particle physics. despite the fact that, regardless of the strain to award Nobel Prizes to physicists linked to the Higgs boson, John Moffat argues that there nonetheless stay vital facts analyses to be played earlier than uncorking the champagne.

John Moffat is Professor Emeritus of Physics on the college of Toronto and a senior researcher on the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. famous for his outside-the-box examine on issues akin to darkish subject, darkish strength, and the various pace of sunshine cosmology (VSL), his new ebook takes a severe examine the hype surrounding the Higgs boson. within the procedure, he offers a cogent and sometimes wonderful background of particle physics and an exploration of different theories of particle physics that don't characteristic the Higgs boson, together with his personal. He offers a close and private description of ways theoretical physicists get a hold of new theories, and emphasizes how conscientiously experimental physicists needs to interpret the advanced information now popping out of accelerators just like the huge Hadron Collider (LHC).

The publication doesn't shrink back from arguable issues corresponding to the sociology of particle physics. there's vast strain on initiatives just like the $9 billion LHC to come back up with optimistic leads to order to safe investment for the longer term. but to this point, the Higgs boson could be the in basic terms confident consequence to emerge from the LHC experiments. The searches for darkish topic debris, mini-black holes, additional dimensions, and supersymmetric debris have all arise empty-handed, with critical effects for theoretical physics, together with string concept and gravity theory.

John Moffat can be the writer of Reinventing Gravity (2008) and Einstein Wrote Back (2010).

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