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By Becca Fitzpatrick

ISBN-10: 1847387217

ISBN-13: 9781847387219

Nora should still recognize higher than to imagine her lifestyles can go back to basic after falling in love with a fallen angel. And Nora's lifestyles isn't really basic - her dad was once murdered, and the proof approximately his demise simply do not upload up. Now Nora's personal lifestyles is in forthcoming risk. Are she and Patch robust adequate for the conflict forward?

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But it was only with serious effort that I could pick up memories from the previous sixteen years. Maybe because those memories paled in comparison to Patch. Or maybe because there was nothing good there at all. “Don’t ever leave me,” I told Patch, hooking a finger in the collar of his shirt and pulling him close. “You’re mine, Angel,” he murmured, brushing the words across my jawbone as I arched my neck higher, inviting him to kiss everywhere. ” “Show me you mean it,” I said solemnly. He studied me a moment, then reached behind his neck and unclasped the plain silver chain he’d worn since the day I met him.

This is when the lives of two potential romantic partners intersect. ” I stopped with my fork halfway between my plate and my mouth. ” “On Corazón, the Spanish soap. No? Never mind. Your mom wants to hook you and Scotty the Potty up. ” “No, she doesn’t. ” “Just because she knows, doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. Your mom is going to spend a lot of time and energy turning this equation from Nora plus Patch equals love, to Nora plus Scotty the Potty equals love. And what about this? Maybe Scotty the Potty turned into Scotty the Hottie.

I don’t even know. It used to be over who got the last chocolate milk in the lunch crate. Then one day in junior high, Marcie marched into school and spray-painted ‘whore’ on my locker. She didn’t even try to be sneaky about it. ” “She went postal just like that? ” No reason I was aware of, anyway. He tucked one of my curls behind my ear. ” His smile grew. ” “And here’s another thing. Whore? In junior high, I hadn’t even kissed anyone. ” He slid his finger under the strap of my tank top, his touch sending electricity humming along my skin.

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