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James Axler's Deathlands 11 Time Nomads PDF

By James Axler

ISBN-10: 0373625499

ISBN-13: 9780373625499

One of many books in a sequence occurring sooner or later after worldwide conflict

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Just stay back a minute. Let the dust settle. " They waited, seeing the dark gap in the wall where the sec-door had been. A few more shards of concrete tumbled noisily from the cracked ceiling, but the structure seemed sound. "Come on," Ryan called. " It was a bitter disappointment, once they were through into a different section of the redoubt, to find that the air was only a little less stale than in the corridor they'd just left. "Still smells like this store's been long closed," Krysty said.

Not a cigarette butt or gum wrapper. "Nothing," Ryan said, after they'd been walking for another twenty-five minutes. "I must confess that I am feeling somewhat wearied," Doc said, wiping sweat from his forehead with his kerchief. B. complained. "Most times you head up and eventually you find a way out," Krysty stated. "I just don't like this bad air. " "We don't find something or a way out real soon," Ryan told her, "then we'll just have to go back and face that locked door. We'll probably have to face it some time, anyway.

It's way low," she said finally. B. stared down into his friend's placid, emotionless features. "I just wonder what the dark night's going on inside there," he murmured. Chapter Six COLRADA HAD SUFFERED in different ways during the heavy nuking from the Russians. Parts of the old state that had held silos and missile or military bases had been hard hit, and some regions, particularly close to where what was known as Colorado Springs used to stand, had been totally devastated. There were still hot spots in a few places.

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Deathlands 11 Time Nomads by James Axler

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