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By James Axler

ISBN-10: 037362526X

ISBN-13: 9780373625260

Top his band of decided fans to the remnants of post-nuclear Sunshine nation, Ryan Cawdor speedy learns that their survival will depend on their wits and an unforeseen alliance with an alien tradition.

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Everyone had come out of the gateway chamber itself, crowding into the cramped little room. With nine people there, it wasn't possible for anyone to move, and Ryan was already waiting by the closed door that should open to reveal the control room. "Don't push," he said. But Abe jostled Trader's arm, loosening his grip on the Armalite. As the blaster started to fall, Trader began to stoop to retrieve it. His hip knocked into Doc, who dropped the sword stick from under his left arm. It landed awkwardly, somehow wedging itself between Mildred's ankles.

Agreed," Trader said loudly. "Over, under, around or through. " Ryan had to shout to stop Trader and Abe from ramming against the locked doors of the elevator. " "Take it easy, Trader. Might be we'll try breaking them down. Best to stand off and think a little first. " The older man shook his head, turning away and farting noisily. " The insult simply made him laugh longer and louder. B. had been working patiently at the elevator controls. "Got it," he called. " He placed his hand flat on the mat-finish metal door.

Had been working patiently at the elevator controls. "Got it," he called. " He placed his hand flat on the mat-finish metal door. " "Double red," Ryan said into the sudden stillness. " They fanned out into a half circle, each gripping his or her favored weapon. A white strip above the door was lighted from behind, a maroon pointer showed the progress of the car toward them. "Over halfway," Dean said. "Three-quarters," Doc stated. "No more talk," Ryan warned. " The pointer slowed as the elevator neared the bottom of the steep shaft.

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