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4 illustrates the res u l t s of computating 11t, p and h against changes in the compression ratio with three values of added heat (Q1= 80, 60 and 40 MJIkmole). Referring to the data, the mean pressure of the cycle grows in proportion to the growth of the amount of heat added during the cycle. The growth of p , with an increase in E while the amount of heat being added remains the same, is less intensive than the growth of the thermal efficiency. Thus, when s varies from 4 to 20 q increases by 69 % and p only by 33 %.

600-900K For gas engines . . . . . . . . . 750-1000 K When defining the value of T,, it should be noted that an increase in the compression ratio and enriching of the working mixture decrease the temperature of residual gases and an increase in the engine speed raises it. 51 CH. 3. ANALYSIS OF ACTUAL CYCLE Fresh charge preheating temperature. During the cylinder filling process the temperature of a fresh charge somewhat increases due to hot parts of the engine. The value of preheating AT is dependent on the arrangement and construction of the intake manifold, cooling system, use of a special preheater, engine speed and supercharging.

The trends of further mo-dification for any engine. For instance, the change in the value of thermal efficiency of an open cycle wit,h t,he combustion of Fig. 12. Thermal efficiency in an open fuel a t V constant is decycle with fuel burnt at V = const versus pendent on the changes in the excess air factor at different compression three init,ial parameters E, ratios and at an initial temperature Ta and cc as follows: -- Ta = 290 K , Ta = 440 K - I - - where R , is a gas constant per mole for air.

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