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By Rachel Caine

ISBN-10: 0373513879

ISBN-13: 9780373513871

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At least then I didn't have to face you every morning and lie to you. Look, I know you can't forgive me for it, but—" "I forgave you a long time ago," she said. "I forgave you when there wasn't a reason to do it. " "Ah," he said, and nodded. " "Don't thank me. If you work here, I'm your boss. " He smiled. It was one of those warm, sweet smiles that had such devastating effect, and Lucia saw it had the same impact on Jazz that it did on her. "I'm counting on it. " "Damn straight. " Jazz flicked her gaze over to Lucia and deliberately nodded.

His face was wet with sweat. "Yeah. I'd better get this sample back to the lab. Sooner I get the tests started, the sooner…" She nodded. Manny paused, gazing at Pansy. She tried for a smile, and he looked as if he badly wanted to touch her, but neither of them managed to pull it off. "See you," he said, and headed for the stairs. Pansy's gaze followed him. Lucia got back on the phone with Jazz. "Manny's coming out," she said. "He's got a sample of the powder. " "Done," Jazz said crisply, and hung up.

Sorry for the cloak-and-dagger, but Detective Stewart seemed quite—intent. " "Thanks. " "You've already had a meal with me today. This should be Jazz's evening with you. " He looked at her over the top of those glasses, and the blue eyes came as a shock. Again. "Come. " She didn't need much persuading, and that was a traitorous thing, a thing that disappointed her. "Fine," she said. "Jazz is on her way there. " Which drew his eyes involuntarily down her body, and she felt it like a physical touch.

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