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This consultant presents fast revision notes, with self-check questions and grade-boosting tutorials in a pocket-sized pack.

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Germany was not prepared for a long war. From 1939 there was rationing because of food shortages and from 1942 people suffered increasingly heavy bombing. ● As the war continued, hardship increased. By 1945, Germany was in ruins. 33 GERMANY 1918–1945 (10) Hitler and racism ● Hitler and the Nazis were deeply racist. All non-Aryan groups (Jews, blacks, gypsies and Slavs) were considered inferior. ● The Nazis were obsessed with ‘racial purity’. From 1934 they ordered the sterlisation of disabled people and criminals, and killed mentally-ill people.

1) 3 They hated them for the armistice of November 1918. (1) 4 By the workers of Berlin holding a general strike. (1) 5 He ended passive resistance. (1) or He introduced a new currency, the rentenmark. (1) 6 The occupation of the Ruhr had not achieved what they wanted, so regular, smaller reparation payments spread over a longer period were better than none. (1) 7 To respect their western frontiers. (1) or To keep German troops out of the Rhineland. (1) 8 Any one from: cars or radios or telephones or airships or ocean liners.

8 A force of Czech prisoners of war. (1) 9 Reds and Whites. (2) 10 Any two from: Britain or France or Poland or USA or Japan or Finland. (2) This intervention turned many patriotic Russians against the Whites. 11 The Reds could move supplies and troops rapidly. (1) Trotsky could visit and encourage the Red Army. (1) 12 All factories were taken over by the government. (1) Peasants were forced to hand over surplus food. (1) Rationing and work discipline were introduced. (1) 13 The Russian economy improved.

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